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December 28, 2010

Same Day Wristbands

Planning a new year’s bash this weekend, get your same day wristbands in any color. Whether you are a club owner or an event planner, you need your same day wristbands without a doubt. Getting your same day wristbands has plenty of  uses and advantages. To begin you can get your same day wristbands in gold for 21 and over to drink or same day wristbands in silver for the underage who cannot drink. Same day wristbands provide you with class and elegance and are very noticeable in the dark. NYC printing  123  has your same day wristbands available any day and anytime. Same day wristbands vary in color you can even have your same day wristbands with your club name, logo or even the name of the artist your event is for. How great is it to have same day wristbands, its having to worry about one less thing  for the event you are planning ahead.

if you need more information about same day printing feel free to contact nycprnitng123 you can visit them online and chat with one of their live representatives available 24/7 .

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November 30, 2009

wristbands in NY

At nyc printing 123 we sell wristbands and we are conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. You can pick up your wristbands if you located in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten island, Manhattan basically if your anywhere in NYC you can get our wristbands. The material that our wristbands are made up is Tyvek which is a synthetic paper made out of plastic fibers, which is plain english feels like paper but has plastic ‘s resistant properties. The color availability depends on what we have in stock usually we carry the most popular wristband colors in our new york location, colors for tyvek wristbands include green, blue, pink, gold, orange, black, white, purple, yellow. If your in NY and need tyvek wristbands for your club, party, or event dont hesitate and give us a call at 646.833.8085 only from NYC printing 123. Club wristbands, party wristbands, event wristbands, wristbands in NY, wristbands in NYC, wristbands in new york, wristbands in new york city.