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December 3, 2009


NYCprinting123 provides rush printing, whether it is at 10 pm or 3 am that you place your order, we provide you with quality service and make sure your order gets there on time. Take a look at all the rush printing services we provide below.

NYC printing 123

43 w33 st suite 202b

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 646.807.1882

Fax: 888.409.4420


Same day… Business card printing

Same day … Flyer printing

Same day …. Postcard prints

Same day ….. Napkin printing

Same day …. Wristband printing

Same day … Brochure printing

Same day… Banner printing

Same day… Booklet print

Same day…T-shirt printing

Same day… Envelope printing

Same day… Sign printing

Same day …. Ticket printing

Same day … Sales sheet printing

Same day… NCR form printing

Same day… Die cutting

Same day…Scoring & folding

Same day…Rip card printing

Same day…UV printing

Same day…Pad printing

Same day…CD label printing

Same day…Poster printing

Same day…Calendar printing

Same day…Sticker printing

Same day…Magnet printing

Same day….Window cling printing

NYC printing 123

43 w33 st suite 202b

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 646.807.1882

Phone: 888.409.4420

Fax: 888.409.4420

Now with our 24/7 customer support you can place your order or just inquire about our products online. NYC printing 123 provides rush printing and offers them as same day, 24 hr, 48 hr, 3 day, or next day.

November 30, 2009

wristbands in NY

At nyc printing 123 we sell wristbands and we are conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. You can pick up your wristbands if you located in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten island, Manhattan basically if your anywhere in NYC you can get our wristbands. The material that our wristbands are made up is Tyvek which is a synthetic paper made out of plastic fibers, which is plain english feels like paper but has plastic ‘s resistant properties. The color availability depends on what we have in stock usually we carry the most popular wristband colors in our new york location, colors for tyvek wristbands include green, blue, pink, gold, orange, black, white, purple, yellow. If your in NY and need tyvek wristbands for your club, party, or event dont hesitate and give us a call at 646.833.8085 only from NYC printing 123. Club wristbands, party wristbands, event wristbands, wristbands in NY, wristbands in NYC, wristbands in new york, wristbands in new york city.

August 27, 2009

Wristbands in NYC…pick up or delivery SAME DAY

Blank wristbands in NYC, available for pick up or messenger same day.

This is the long awaited moment for everyone that has an event, clubs and party people who live in NY and specially NYC who want wristbands. We had many many people asking us if they can pick up wristbands and if we sell wristbands here in NYC and so forth, Now we have officially started to sell blank wristbands in NYC for all our clients who want to be able to come in our office or if you like we will deliver using messenger service anywhere in the NYC metro area. Our wristbands that are available for pick up t 100% made out of tyvek material and are water and rip resistant meaning if your in one of those hot NY clubs and want the ultimate protection for your party tyvek wristbands are the way to go. Tyvek wristbands in NYC where hard to find until we came along, now if you want some wrist bands and are anywhere in NY and we mean anywhere whether its Brooklyn, the Bronx, queens, Staten island we will deliver your blank wristbands or if you want to pick them up its fine.

If you would like some prices for blank wristbands to pick up or delivery in nyc click here

Many people have thanked us since we started selling those wristbands in NYC, if you are ever in a rush or have an event tonight tomorrow we got your blank wristbands in NYC. Rush wristbands are our specialty and we will continue to serve the club and event community as long as you need wristbands in NYC.

Besides blank wristbands here in NYC we offer wristband printing service here in NYC as well. If you call us before 12pm we can deliver your printed wristbands anywhere in the NYC metro area. Wristband printing was time consuming before but our new state of the art systems and presses allow for same day printing for wristbands and other rush wristband printing services as long as its text or lettering.  Your able to pick up your wristbands or take advantage of our messenger delivery which is convenient and very very fast. Usually we have a few messengers delivering wristbands and other printing products through the day everyday in NYC.

If you are not in a rush you can also have your wrist bands printed at a lower costs and also have your wristbands printed in full color with or without a bleed meaning that we can print your wristbands from edge to edge.

So this sums up this blog or the day. Remember to tell your friends, family, club promoter and better off just go ahead and tell everyone that NYC printing 123 now has blank wristbands for pick up in our local NYC office just give us a call at 646.833.8085 or toll free at 888.409.4420 and order your blank wristbands for pick up or delivery in the NYC metro area.

Keep your party GOING! and keep us in mind for blank wristbands in NYC.