Custom Tyvek Wristband Printing

Custom Tyvek Wristband Printing

Customize your tyvek wristbands with any information you desire. Not to mention are a great tool for any event day or night, they are a convenient and stylish way to visually identify those at your event.  Helps with admission control, crowd management, age identification, security and much more. Add a more secure way to keep security in place with your company logo all around or keep things simple with a one color print. We can make it happen here at Same Day Rush Printing with our custom tyvek wristband printing.

No matter what the event may be, no matter what occasion it may be. Whether you are looking to customize your tyvek wristbands to add more security to your event, or whether you’re trying brand any awareness. It is very strong, yet difficult to tear or pull apart, however Tyvek can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. So your bands are good to last the whole day and night. Not only are you branding your name, you’re keeping security for your guests and VIP guests, you can also keep your customized tyvek wristbands as a keepsake from that special event. Choose from a variety of tyvek wristband and ink colors available. Give us a call or upload your files and leave the rest for us to handle. So, if you’re in need for some custom tyvek wristband printing, we’ve got you covered!


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