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June 13, 2017

Custom Rush Wristband Printing

Custom Rush Wristband Printing
Tis’ the season to be outdoors and enjoy the weather. Planning or hosting an upcoming event? what is the first thing you should always have at any event, whether it may be small or grand? I’ll tell you what. Security in style! You should always assure the safety of your guests at any event. What better way to do just that than with our custom rush wristband printing here at Easy Printing 123. Customize your wristbands with just about anything you desire. From your corporate logo to a special date. Give your brand, your sponsors brand, or your advertising a boost with custom wristbands from us here at Easy Printing 123. You’ll get maximum exposure information is worn on the wrists of all your guests.

Now that summer is officially here, we can definitely enjoy partying indoors or outdoors. Why wait days or weeks to customize your wristband to meet your needs. Since we specialize in providing custom rush printing service, we can assure you with quality printing service with fast turnarounds. From as long as a week to as fast as few hours. For those nightclubs or lounge events, would be ideal having your guests wear a custom printed tyvek wristband as entry to assure your guests safety or vip. Custom vinyl wristbands offer a great mix of comfort, security, style, and durability. Constructed of multi-layered vinyl, they can last for the entire duration of your event and then some more. Like holographic or plastic bands, vinyl bracelets feature locking clasps that once locked, cannot be unlocked without breaking. This prevents patrons from sharing vinyl event wristbands with each other. Another advantage is that they are waterproof wristbands, which makes them excellent for poolside events. And at last, the sturdiest of them all is our custom rush wristband printing on silicone. Perfect for branding your company or organization. Not to mention, silicone wristbands make a great brand awareness tool. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call for custom rush wristband printing and let us handle the rest. Customize your wristbands with a simple message or an ongoing pattern to prevent any counterfeit entry to your big event.