Same Day Comp Cards Printing

Same Day Comp Cards Printing
In exactly one month from today will be Fashion Week in New York City. From February 917, 2017.  However Valentino’s Pre-Fall Fashion Show 2017 will be hosting on Jan 11, 2017 at The Beekman. You still have time to get your Comp Cards and Zed Cards ready for the big day. For those that are merely new to the industry, In order to be apart of the fashion and entertainment world, Comp Cards are the business cards of models and actors ranging from 4×6 to 8.5×11 cards. They display a headshot on the front with an additional 3-5 images on back, along with the individual’s stats. They’re handed out to potential clients and agencies during auditions and castings, and they’re also used by agencies to market their models. “Comp card” is short for composite card, and it may also be referred to as a Sed Card, Zed Card, or Z Card (they all mean the same thing). What better place to have your prints ready in as fast as same day than printing here at Easy Printing 123. If you are in need for rush comp cards, Our same day comp card printing service is just what you need. These cards are your first impression, and a great marketing tool. Be sure to convey your professionalism with high-quality photos, a clean design, and quality same day comp card printing production.
Whether you are a male or female trying with any talent. Of course you want to be prepared for Fashion Week 2017. What you should consider for your Comp cards are to make sure in the front, to show off your perfect headshot. Just to allow talent agents and potential clients to consider you for a variety of jobs, this headshot should ideally display a versatile, more “natural” look. On the back of your Comp card, You want to include at least three to five images. Ideally, they will convey your experience, range, and the type of work you’re seeking. If you’re a model, you’ll want to include a variety of looks. Actors may show different types of lifestyle shots, especially if they’re looking for commercial work. Really show what you got. Also your statistics and contact information. Just in case these agents are potentially interested, they have a way of contacting you. Most printing companies give a waiting time of 5 business days. Not us. We specialize in custom rush printing service. So, no matter what type of printing you need for any occasion or event, We can have your prints ready for you in as fast as same day. Create the perfect first impression for this coming Fashion Week. Create the perfect same day comp card and leave the same day comp card printing to us.
We have all that you need for your printing needs for this upcoming Fashion Week or any other occasion or event. Whether it may be Valentine’s Day, Gradation, Wedding, Anniversary, Comp Cards, Event Tickets, you name it. Great for any occasion. Rain or shine with our same day comp card printing. Check out some of our other rush printing products/ services visit our sister websites at Need your products same day? Not a problem. Just visit us at for same day rush printing services. You can choose to pick up your custom prints once they are ready or we can arrange for your prints to be delivered to your location. Not in the area? Not a problem. We ship out orders as well. We are your one stop print shop for all your printing needs.


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