Same Day Zed Card Printing

Same Day Zed Card Printing

As you all may know Fashion Week is coming to New York City this February 12-19 2015. Celebrating their Fall/ Winter Season. Fashion Week is known as a Style Obsessed Industry. Zed Cards are also to be known as comp cards or composition cards which are utilized by models across the nation much the same as a business card. The front of the card demonstrates the model’s head shot with name and the back has a progression of photographs emphasizing the model in different outfits and postures. The back commonly contains the model’s details and may incorporate the model’s organization logo and contact illumination. Get yourself a head start. Start preparing your portfolios to hand out to those high end talent agencies.  Most printers have a turnaround of at least a week time. Why wait days or even weeks for that matter? We’ve got you covered with same day zed card printing.

Same day zed cards will give you that boost you need. We understand that most models or actors are getting ready physically preparing for fashion week. It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it. Giving your first impression especially if you’re new to the game is very crucial. Creating your layout alone is time consuming. Why go through such hassle, we can have your custom zed cards ready in as fast as same day. Choose from any custom size card you prefer. Add more class and style to your same day zed card printing, choose from a variety of paper stock/ cardstock and other printing finishes available.

Talent Agencies will judge you most of all based on your portfolio, why rush yourself looking for a same day zed card printing company in NYC? We are here to help you with all your printing needs. Why waste hundreds of dollars traveling going to photo shoots and yet still have to get your portfolio done. Just give us a call or send us an email with your information and let us a handle the rest.


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