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January 31, 2015

Same Day Balloon Printing

Same Day Balloon Printing

Customized Balloons bring more life to any event. Whether  you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or even just a get together with family and friends. Customized balloons are also great for promotional use as well. Why wait days or weeks for customized balloons? Now you can have them in as fast as same day with same day balloon printing at Easy Printing 123.

We are no ordinary printing company, we are a rush custom printing company with a variety of products and services to offer. Same day balloon printing is becoming one of our on demand services. For our same day balloon printing, you can choose from either our 9″ or 12″ balloons at a minimum of 25 pieces per order. Our rush balloons are only available in solid color print however can be printed on either one or two sides of the balloons. Add a personal touch to your event. Whether you’re ordering a minimum order of 25 pieces or a large order of 10,000 pieces, we are your one stop rush print shop.

We have been in the business for over 30 years printing customized rush orders for our customers. However, we been trying to more develop our services. We have not just one location, we have two locations in New York City or better provide access for our customer to place and pick up orders. If you place an order for same day balloon printing and are not available upon pick up, we can definitely  arrange for your order to be delivered straight to your door. Just give us a call anytime 24/7 or send us an email for a price quote or to place your order for same day balloon printing and let us handle the rest. It’s never too late to have your balloons customized.

January 30, 2015

Brooklyn Copy Shop and Printing Center


As We have been doing business in excess of 30 years, we moved from Bay Ridge Brooklyn unto the flawless Park Slope, Brooklyn a couple of years back and have been developing from that point forward. Our park slope area offers machines for computer print outs, state of the art copiers that deliver astounding quality prints. We likewise offer the conventional duplicate services you can expect like faxing, scanning, laminating, binding and an extensive variety of paper stocks.

Our copy shop clients are constantly welcomed with a grin whether your a mother & father store in the corner (which by the way are great companions of our own) or another business in fifth or third avenue or if you’re simply printing out a few tickets for your occasion at the Barclay’s … we are your one stop printing and duplicate shop.

We have made our prices lower than our rivals and our administration is dependably the best in new york city.

On the off chance that you can’t print your project on a copy machine in advance in our copy shop, we offer a full scope of printing services and printing products all printed on site and can be prepared as quick as same day printing right here in park slope.

Easy Copy & Print Center will be putting forth sending service sooner rather than later, so stay tuned.

In the event that you require a rush copy or print project we have our warehouse in park slope too, printing overnight, printing & copy services done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Simply call our toll free number 888-409-4420 and spot your late night print jobs, weekends also or for printing during holidays in brooklyn, New York.

Additionally … In the event that you’re not within the neighborhood of the area or perhaps would prefer not to miss your next show, Remember that we also offer messenger delivery service anyplace in NYC.

January 29, 2015

Same Day Zed Card Printing

Same Day Zed Card Printing

As you all may know Fashion Week is coming to New York City this February 12-19 2015. Celebrating their Fall/ Winter Season. Fashion Week is known as a Style Obsessed Industry. Zed Cards are also to be known as comp cards or composition cards which are utilized by models across the nation much the same as a business card. The front of the card demonstrates the model’s head shot with name and the back has a progression of photographs emphasizing the model in different outfits and postures. The back commonly contains the model’s details and may incorporate the model’s organization logo and contact illumination. Get yourself a head start. Start preparing your portfolios to hand out to those high end talent agencies.  Most printers have a turnaround of at least a week time. Why wait days or even weeks for that matter? We’ve got you covered with same day zed card printing.

Same day zed cards will give you that boost you need. We understand that most models or actors are getting ready physically preparing for fashion week. It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it. Giving your first impression especially if you’re new to the game is very crucial. Creating your layout alone is time consuming. Why go through such hassle, we can have your custom zed cards ready in as fast as same day. Choose from any custom size card you prefer. Add more class and style to your same day zed card printing, choose from a variety of paper stock/ cardstock and other printing finishes available.

Talent Agencies will judge you most of all based on your portfolio, why rush yourself looking for a same day zed card printing company in NYC? We are here to help you with all your printing needs. Why waste hundreds of dollars traveling going to photo shoots and yet still have to get your portfolio done. Just give us a call or send us an email with your information and let us a handle the rest.

January 28, 2015

Same Day Comp Card Printing

Same Day Comp Card Printing

Back to work for most of us after such blizzard storm, even though we didn’t get much snow, the roads are very slippery and it’s very cold and windy outside. We are hoping for everyone’s safety, we hope you get to your destinations as safe as possible. Despite the cold weather, the games must go on!  Fashion Week is just around the corner. What better way to prepare yourself than with same day comp card printing at Easy Printing 123. Comp cards or also known as composition cards are basically considered as a model’s business card. Our comp cards are  your one opportunity to make a good first impression.

same day comp card printing are usually printed either 8×10 or 9×12. It really is whatever size you want it to be. It’s never too late to submit your comp cards, as long as you give that perfect first impression. If you want to get a head start on introducing yourself, you can definitely go with same day comp card printing. For same day comp card printing, there may be a white or black background with or without borders depending on preference. Most models prefer to add their statistics and contact information to keep it very simple. Most  agencies want to make things quick. You wouldn’t want to give a whole biography for them to basically waste their time reviewing. They want to see your main information and how to contact you. If you want to make the perfect first impression, you should give yourself a head start. Customize your comp cards to meet your identity. Don’t overdo it and don’t lack on information.

We are not just a rush printing company in NYC, we are a  rush printing company that also offers a variety of products and services and custom rush printing is our specialty. Not most printing companies offer same day comp card printing at all. You would most likely have to go to a photography studio to get comp card printing and even when you go to a photography studio, their standard turnaround is at least a week. That is why we offer same day comp card printing. Make it in time for this year’s fashion week. You can either give us a call for more information or send us an email. We are more than glad to help you create the perfect comp cards.

January 26, 2015

Same Day Saturday Printing

Same Day Saturday Printing
With this weather that  is getting very dangerous, nobody wants to step out of their doors. We are hoping everyone is safe indoors and warm. It’s not only due to the weather that most printing companies or even retail stores are closed during weekends. I understand that weekends are considered as resting days for most individuals, however regardless of the situation, Easy Printing 123 is always open for same day Saturday printing.
Whether you need any documents printed during the weekend and can’t wait till Monday to have them printed for you, we are here for all your printing needs. We are a rush printing company open for same day saturday printing. We strive to provide more quality service our customers. From same day business cards, postcards, invitations, event tickets, even same day saturday printing for apparel, we can definitely get the job done while you rest. Choose from a variety of custom project, available in may unique sizes and finishes.
Have your prints ready for deadlines. We are not any ordinary printing company that is only open monday through friday. We are not only open monday-saturday, we are open also for same day saturday printing and same day sunday printing as well. Rain or shine, we are here to assist you with all your printing needs. No more waiting days or even weeks for your printed documents to be ready for you. Now you can get them ready the very same day. All you have to do is just give us a call or visit us in person. We are available to answer any questions you may have for us. Whether you’re just inquiring about prices or you need help creating a design for your prints or to place an order.

January 23, 2015

Same Day Flyer Printing

Same Day Flyer Printing

Are you planning a last minute gathering or hosting an upcoming event? Same day flyer printing allows you to not only to promote your products or services but also can be used for plenty of purposes. Custom flyers can be used as invitations to a birthday party or club event, promote you cleaning services or grand opening. You can customize your flyers as you desire. Add perforations so that your customers can keep tear the flyer and keep part as a coupon to bring in store for a discount on a certain product or service. Add a glossy cardstock for a more vibrant look. Want simple yet classy, add colored edges. You may be thinking, with all these finishes, the job won’t get done on time. Well, if you place an order for same day flyer printing, that is exactly what you will be getting.

Same day flyer printing is a very popular service here at Easy Printing 123. We not only offer just custom printing service, We have expanded and developed our company into providing quality service  for our customers pursuing further  into rush printing service. If you are ordering same day flyer printing, which is excellent for any event or occasion, we provide a wide variety of options for you to choose from. You can construct  your same day flyers to be any custom size you prefer. Have your flyers printed on any paper stock or cardstock that we have available. If we don’t have the paper stock or cardstock of your choice, that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to print your project for you. If you want to provide us with your own material for us to print on for your same day flyer printing, we are more than glad to accept the job.

We are here to meet your printing needs. You don’t need  to be artistic savvy to in order to customize your flyers last minute. Just give us a call for further information. Whether you’re just inquiring about prices or need assistance placing an order for same day flyer printing or any other products or services that is available. We are here to assist you the best way possible. Put all your stress away looking for the right printing company, you are in the right hands.

January 22, 2015

Same Day T-Shirt Printing

Are you planning a last minute group trip or hosting a gathering and want your group to match? You can customize your t-shirts with your personal design at Easy Printing 123. The one place for same day t-shirt printing in NYC. Personalize your t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, even hooded sweaters same day. No need to stress yourself rushing. Same day t-shirt printing has always been very popular and a great way for advertising is definitely through printing. Easy Printing 123 is one of the Leading Printing Companies located in Easy specializing in Rush T-Shirt Printing, especially same day t-shirt printing. Whether you need Screen Printing, or Heat Press, NYC Printing 123 can definitely get the job done in no time. Most printing companies either close early or during the weekend, and those are the crucial times that individuals are free and need to place orders, especially if they have a tight deadline to meet.

Personalize your t-shirts in any style you want. Doesn’t matter what occasion it may be, you can personalize to meet your style. From adding a simple message to adding your most favorite photos. Choose also your print location. Whether you want printing on the front or back side of your shirts, even the chest or sleeve print. We can arrange that for you. Not only are same day t-shirts great for just advertisement. They also make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Choose from kids t-shirts, women’s t-shirts and men’s t-shirts. Like I mentioned earlier, you can choose heat press which is perfect for a full color print or you can choose screen print which is more for 1 solid color print.

You don’t need to be art savvy to create the perfect design for your place an order for same day t-shirt printing. That is why we are here to assist you. If you have more or less an idea of what kind of design or logo you want, you can create a design on our website or if you already have an existing design, you can upload your image on our website or just email us directly with your design. We try to make things less complicated for our customers.

If you thought same day t-shirt printing wasn’t soon enough for you, need your rush t-shirts ready within hours? We can definitely arrange for your order to be ready when you need it. Visit us in person for price quotes, place an order or even to pick up your order. We are here to accommodate our customers the best way possible. Give us a call and let us handle the rest.

January 21, 2015

Same Day 1 Color Napkin Printing

Same Day 1 Color Napkin Printing

Personalized napkins from Easy Printing 123 are a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your upcoming gathering. Our custom napkins are great for use at informal/formal gatherings, home and other entertaining venues. Same Day 1 color Napkin Printing has been very popular. 1 color print on napkins can go a long way. If you are planning a last minute get together and need rush napkins, why wait days or even weeks? whether you need beverage napkins, luncheon napkins, even guest towels or dinner napkins, you are definitely in the right place. Personalize your napkins to match your individual style.

Same Day 1 color Napkin Printing is a great way to provide elegance to your table setting. With same day 1 color napkin printing, you are surely adding something special to the table. Whether you want a special date for a birthday or anniversary, or even your favorite quote or a simple logo. Choose from a variety of  print locations for your personalized napkins. Whether you want standard center, maybe diagonal center, even top or bottom center print will give your napkins that look that you imagine.

We don’t want to limit you to your options when it comes to customizing your order. After all, you want your napkins to look as unique as possible. Why hassle yourself rushing for last minute napkin printing, same day 1 color napkin printing at easy printing 123 is all you need. Not only that, you can pick up your customized napkins at our Manhattan office located in the heart of new york or our park slope office in Brooklyn. We are here to help you as much as possible with all your printing needs. Make it in time for the big celebration with your same day 1 color napkin printing. Check out our website for same day 1 color napkin printing prices or even give us a call to place an order for same day 1 color napkin printing. We are the printing company that can get your customized napkins ready same day.

January 20, 2015

Same Day Napkin Printing

Same Day Napkin Printing

Are you throwing a special event and need rush customized napkin printing? Easy Printing 123 is here for you offering same day napkin printing. Not everyone is aware of the different types of napkins there are first of all. Allow me to explain the different types for you. Beverage Napkins also known as cocktail napkins are a popular size napkin. Full size of the napkins are 5″x5″. Beverage napkins are basically used for any type of food outlet. Whether a restaurant, cafe, or even bar. Just the right size to hold your beverage in your hand. Next type of napkin are luncheon napkins which are slightly larger in size which is 6″x6″. Which also can be used for restaurants, cafes, even bars or lounges. There are also paper guest towels and dinner napkins which are more elegant. Guest towels are sized at 4″x8″ and the dinner napkins are sized at 8″x8″. Personalize your napkins to set the perfect mood for a memorable occasion. If you are throwing any last minute party planning and in need of same day napkin printing, you are definitely at the right place.

Here at Easy Printing 123, we specialize in custom rush printing service. Same day napkin printing is one of our popular services amongst other products we offer for rush. For all our 1 color same day napkin printing, the print size is measured to be 3″x3″. If you want full color same day napkin printing, we have 2 options. Either full color small print which is 3″x1.5″ or our full color full panel same day napkin printing is 5″x5″. For our full color same day napkin printing, we can only print on white napkins. For any full color or full color full panel napkin printing, send us an email for a custom price quote. We are more than glad to make your order happen for you. Choose from a variety of print locations as well. Customize your napkins exactly how you would want them to be.

It’s never too late to have your rush order printed. Customize your napkins to meet your personal style. You can create the ultimate design on our website or even use an existing design you may already have. We offer more options for our customers to choose from. After all, every print is a unique print. Why stop now. Call us, email us or even visit us in person at either of our locations. We have an office in Manhattan located in the heart of NYC and our park slope office located in Brooklyn. We are more than welcome to assist you in the best way possible. Making your same day napkin printing happen.

January 17, 2015

Same Day Postcard Printing

Same Day Postcard Printing

Offer the highlights of a remarkable excursion with completely adaptable postcards. You can bring attention to your business or public event with custom same day postcard printing here at Easy Printing 123. Whether you’re promoting your products or services and need last minute printing. We are here for all your printing needs. Same Day Postcard Printing has been one of our most popular services that we offer.

Customize your postcards or club flyers to meet your personal style. Choose from a variety of card stocks and printing finishes available. Our standard cardstock for our card products are 12pt semigloss. Why stop there, choose from other similar cardstocks available. Think about cardstocks thick as cardboard. Yes, we have cardstocks that thick. If that is what our customers want, we will definitely make that happen.  Want your give your cards a more unique look, add something different, adding colored edges will bring more color to your same day postcard printing. Add a thicker cardstock or even round corners. The sky is the limit. Same Day Postcard Printing is great for promoting any business or organization. Customize your same day postcards to be any size you prefer.

Most printing companies wouldn’t offer same day postcard printing. We not only offer same day printing, we specialize in rush printing service. To make things more convenient for our customers, we decided it would be to have more than just 1 location in NYC. We have 2 locations available for our customers come as a walk in to place an order or to pick up an order. Just give us a call for a price quote. We are more than glad to assist you place an order for same day postcard printing. When you need same day postcard printing or any rush print order, we are here to help you.