Raised Ink Printing

                                                                         Raised Ink Printing

Your prints can be printed in more ways than you thought possible. Nowadays, different techniques can be incorporated into your prints. Whether you need business cards, postcards, or even invitations. Mind you, some techniques can cost much more than others. It all depends on how you want your final prints to look and what your budget will allow. We have it all here at NYC Printing 123. If you want the look of engraved printing but you can’t afford it, then Raised Ink Printing is a less costly alternative that comes close to the real thing. The process involves heat that joins ink and a resin-like powder together. The fusion of the materials results in the appearance of raised letters. There is no other printing company to call than NYC Printing 123. Give us a call and let NYC Printing 123 handle the rest. If you need any assistance, Give us a call and any of our representatives can help you out. To get started, Call now for NYC Printing 123’s Raised Ink Printing. We can have your prints ready in as fast as same day. So, call now for a free quote or to place your order at 646.450.4678/ 888.409.4420 or check out NYC Printing 123 online at http://www.NYCprinting123.com for printing prices and other custom printing products/ services. Take Advantage of Our Raised Ink Printing! There’s no better printing company to go to than NYC Printing 123 for Raised Ink Printing. Bring life to your prints with Our Raised Ink Printing at NYC Printing. Don’t forget to ask about Our Rush Raised Ink Printing.


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