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June 17, 2009

RGB vs CMYK… Why is it important?

RGB versus CMYK, Specially when printing in full color (CMYK).

When supplying us your artwork and digital files for full color printing, it is important you supply images and graphics in the correct mode or colour space. Many software programs give you the choice to work in either the RGB or CMYK mode…

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue which are the primary colors of light. Scanners and digital cameras generally create images using combinations of the three RGB colors. When you save a scanned picture, or image taken with your digital camera, it normally will be saved in RGB mode unless otherwise specified. In addition, computers display images on the computer screen as RGB colors.

Digital Printers and Offset Printing presses print full color pictures using a different set of colors than RGB. Generally, full color images are created using the primary colors of pigment: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black – otherwise known as “CMYK printing” or “4 colour process”. By combining different percentages of the 4 CMYK inks, the illusion of continuous tone in images is created.

The reason that pigment is not described as blue or green is because of mutiple reasons, One of them is that true Blue, Green, Red does not exist(WELL ONLY IF YOUR WORKING IN A LAB AND HAVE THE PROPER EQUIPMENT) they always vary on the amount of light, reflective surface and your eye thats why different monitors display colors different besides the technology they use. Pigments are a base for color and printers based on the RGB colors and are the same throught the industry.

At some stage in the design process, your images must be converted from RGB to CMYK in order to print them on a printing press. Unfortunately not all colours in the RGB spectrum can be replicated in CMYK. Such colors are said to be “out of the CMYK color gamut”. When converting from RGB mode to CMYK mode, software programs get as close to original color as possible. Some colors convert very well whereas others do not. Below is an example of colours that do not convert well from RGB to CMYK.

RGB                          CMYK

Please convert all images and graphics to CMYK prior to sending your files to us. You will have more control over the appearance of your printed piece as you will see how the images look once they are converted. If need be, you can always adjust the image slightly after conversion to more closely achieve the desired color. If we receive RGB images from you, we will do a standard conversion to CMYK, however our results may vary from yours.

For best results, we recommend working in CMYK mode whenever possible. Some Software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator actually allow you to work in different modes so be sure to choose the correct one! We will do a blog post late on specifically on how to convert in a few different programs.

June 11, 2009

This weeks special!

Father Day Special:

1000 Full color Business Cards front and back glossy only $39.95
*phone & email orders only

Fathers Day Printing Special

Fathers Day Printing Special

June 8, 2009

Pick up, Drop off, Cash payments…COMING SOON

We will be opening a New Location with wonderful benefits. At our new location will surpass what we currently have at the Manhattan location, we will be allowing cash payments for all print orders, as well as print  order pick ups, color copies, black & white copies, sample pick ups, and maybe the most important change is that you can bring your media like paper, shirts, napkins, and we will print on it.

The  new location will be located in Staten Island in NYC and will open in late June 2009.  We will be running a 1 week special on opening day and will notify all our customers registered on the website